Traveling to Boston? Eight tips to save you cash

You may be ready for your trip to Boston, but this is your bank

account? As one of the most expensive cities in the country,

Boston can quickly run out of your vacation funds. The average

hotel price per night in 2004 according to Greater Boston

The Convention and Visitors Bureau is $ 187. Now imagine all the other costs added to everything above.

Here are some ways to keep that money:

1. Consider booking an out-of-town hotel.

Brooklyn and Cambridge are two nice cities that come to mind.

You can easily jump to a "T" for a short ride and get it

Boston and back every day. You can save most of the changes

depending on how long you stay in your trip.

2. Check out prices for flights arriving to Providence.

It's only 50 minutes by bus to Boston. Southwest Airlines,

who can offer significantly lower prices does not fly directly

in Boston, so what you lose in comfort will win


3. Book a batch deal.

Websites like,, and offers all the packages that will save you money

buying air and hotel together. You may even want to check

directly with the hotel to see if they offer a lower price

than advertised online.

4. Stay at a local B&B or rent a furnished apartment.

They tend to be cheaper and give you a better sense of how he really lives in Boston. Two companies that offer many major locations in Boston are The Bed and Breakfast Agency of Boston ( and The Bed and Breakfast Associates Bay Colony (http://www.bnbboston). com /),

5. Take the MBTA (also known as "T").

It's the subway and the bus system that covers all of Boston.

Driving and parking in Boston can be frustrating and expensive.

If you plan on seeing many sights, you can get a visitor pass for a flat fee of $ 7.50 for one day, $ 18 for three days, or $ 35 for seven days. Most walks are $ 1.25 otherwise.

6. Buy Boston CityPass (

This allows you to see six of Boston's most famous attractions

for 50% off the price and avoid the ticket lines. You can

purchase this pass online or at the first attraction you visit

for $ 36.75 for adults and $ 25.50 for youth. They include

Museum of Science, New England Aquarium, Skywalk Observatory,

Museum of Fine Arts, Harvard Museum of Natural History and

JFK Library and Museum.

7. Spend time at free attractions.

You can enjoy street performers and browse the shops of

Quincy Market. Take a walk down the path of freedom. I spend time

at Boston Common, the oldest park in the United States. Ride your famous swan boats for under three bucks. Go to Harvard University Art

Museums on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to noon to receive free

admission. Other museums offer special offers, so check out theirs


8. Use coupons.

Consult your travel company or hotel where you are staying

for specials and coupons. When I booked my trip to Las

Vegas through, I was given a booklet at my hotel with numerous discounts throughout the city. If you are an AAA member, call them to see what offers they have. You can even check the main website for attractions.

Follow these tips above and you can save a lot on yours

an upcoming trip to Boston. Enjoy!

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