Cape Cod Hunting Library by Hyanis – Awesome series of events

Cape Cod ghost stories are popular all year long, not just during Halloween. Maybe this article will send a little shiver to your spine.

Rich in a ghostly era and legend, the Cape Cod Hyanis Library has just recently joined the paranormal battle.

Four paranormal researchers examine the Hyanis Library and its inland depths. The Cape Cod Times is up-to-date with what is being discovered and will probably startle you.

Hunting ghosts

The oldest part of the building is the wing of Ora Hinckley. She was named the organization's first full-time librarian. She served in 1909 until she died in 1943. This is where Cape Cod ghost hunters flock to. David Sircom, founder of the Massachusetts Paranormal Institute, truly believes that Ora's spirit is still in the library. Hinckley died a long time ago, more than sixty years from now.

The brainless voices of several spirits were captured on tape – examples of electronic voice phenomena. They were accumulated by Sircom and his teammates during two evenings of the library inquiry.

Proof of the paranormal

Using an electromagnetic field detector, Sircom and his team entered the Hinckley wing. There, Sircom had his researcher question the former librarian with the help of the detector, questions that led to answers or yes.

Many researchers believe that spirits are made of energy. To manifest themselves, they use every available energy throughout the period. Fluctuations in electromagnetic fields are detected with EMF meters and can many times give an indication of paranormal activity.

The EMF detector has five lights – more lights will be displayed when there is a stronger field. The appearing light determines a normal baseline. Sircom had caused Hinckley to turn on as many lights as possible for all the answers that were affirmative.

"Ora, are you alone?"

The investigator had almost no time to finish the matter when he noticed that the device was strongly showing three lights.

Using a series of camcorders, EMF detectors and digital voice recorders, investigators were able to essentially cast a network across the entire library. It was with this equipment that they were able to capture Hinckley's voice on tape.

The investigators then asked Ora if she was dating a former colleague. In response, Hinckley replied, whispering quietly & # 39; Not & # 39; , This voice belonged to no one else in the room.

More freezing meetings at the library

The Hyanis Library staff also had their own freezing ghost meetings.

It has been reported that employees can sometimes smell pipe pipe in the library. Some people believe that this smell is attributed to George Kelly. George is an ex (ie died) a library employee who enjoyed smoking pipes inside the building before dying.

One night, an employee checked books and scanned them on a computer. In a moment she turned away from the computer. When he turned to continue working, there was a ghost book on the monitor. A book for which the maid claims it does not scan on your computer.

Real cooling.

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