Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Accidents and Answers by Lawyer in Michigan

Question: During my Michigan accident, I had no motorcycle insurance. Can I still judge the driver who hit me?

Answer: Yes. Michigan law treats motorcyclists differently than people who drive their own cars without insurance. An injured motorcyclist who did not have motorbike insurance could file a lawsuit against a negligent driver who caused a motorcycle accident in Michigan.

Question: What is uninsured motorist coverage?

Answer: Uninsured motorist coverage is an option for insurance coverage that can allow you to recover damages from your own insurance policy when the guilty driver had no insurance or could not be identified (ie, push and start the driver). It is a wise idea to wear uninsured coverage to protect yourself in the event that you are in a motorcycle accident in Michigan.

Question: Is there a difference between uninsured motorist coverage and underinsured motorist insurance?

Answer: Yes. Insufficient coverage provides an additional means of collecting damage if you are seriously injured in an accident. It is different from the uninsured coverage that is available when there is no identified damage insurance for a vehicle. For example, if you carry a $ 100,000 insufficient coverage policy and the guilty driver has an insurance policy of $ 20,000, you can claim up to $ 80,000 in additional damage from your own insurance company. This is only valid after your lawyer has secured a tender offer on the primary insurance policy. As you can see, these claims are complex and must be handled with care.

Uninsured policy approval does not necessarily include insurance. Prematurely adopting a basic policy in fully resolving your Michigan accident claim may deprive you of the right to collect unsecured coverage.

Question: The driver of the Michigan motorcycle accident has no insurance. I didn't carry uninsured motorist coverage on my motorcycle, but it did have it on my motorcycle insurance policy. Can I claim damages that I suffered in a motorcycle accident in Michigan through my motorcycle insurance?

Answer: Perhaps. Your eligibility for uninsured coverage may depend on the specific wording of your motorcycle insurance policy in Michigan. You should contact an Michigan accident lawyer to determine what your insurance policy covers.

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in Michigan, talk to an experienced Michigan accident lawyer.

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