Does the world of poor children really need a $ 100 laptop?

Chairman and founder of the MIT Lab recently released a $ 100 laptop in the world media. Is it necessary? MIT has created a non-profit association called One Laptop Per Child to design, production and distribution of laptops to be provided to different governments in the cost and is issued to children from participating schools […]

Cape Cod Hunting Library by Hyanis – Awesome series of events

Cape Cod ghost stories are popular all year long, not just during Halloween. Maybe this article will send a little shiver to your spine. Rich in a ghostly era and legend, the Cape Cod Hyanis Library has just recently joined the paranormal battle. Four paranormal researchers examine the Hyanis Library and its inland depths. The […]

Spring break statistics and air advertising opportunities

Every year during spring break, millions of students travel to different destinations for spring break. They stay in hotels, drink, party and shop around. Everyone is in a relaxing mood and a positive mood. Due to the huge number of your potential customers in one place with agile mood, there is no better opportunity to […]

Crew Yacht – Island Cruise in Southern New England

Newport, Rhode Island hosts the largest group of private yachts available for charter in New England during the summer. Newport is the perfect place to start a private charter outfit, since outside Newport, on a one-week cruise, you can easily visit all the islands in southern New England, including the Martha and Nantucket vines. While […]