Alternative VS. Mass tourism

More and more people are moving away from traditional holiday packages (usually limited to transportation, lodging and some local commercialized attractions), responsibly treating local people and their hometown, caring for the environment, seeking wildlife and an unspecified lifestyle. A holiday type that most forms of alternative tourism offer.

The impact of mass tourism is quite popular, especially on the environment. In addition, a very limited share of the money spent on vacations actually goes to locals, which regional and local cultural sites we all enjoy. These are the people who actually save the traditions and habits of their local areas. People who allow us to look at their cultural heritage; those who have preserved and cherished the virgin nature for all of us.

Perhaps many people are accustomed to thinking that large tour operators and large tourism consortia have a responsibility to preserve the local cultural heritage and the environment. But some of their big profits spent on this are not exactly known. But if one does not look a little farther in the future and see that in this way, one day there will not be many remaining tourist resources and profits will start to go down quickly. Unfortunately, this will affect not so much anyone but the locals.

After all, alternative forms of tourism include small groups of people who certainly do not do so much harm to the environment. Furthermore, if I'm not familiar with, as I'm sure most of them are, one of the goals of alternative forms of tourism is to recognize how to protect the environment and local traditions and culture. In fact, some alternative forms are intended to enable man to appreciate the greatness of nature, a great example of this is ecotourism.

The situation is quite different in some large resorts with thousands of people running around and hundreds of hotels that keep the beautiful view of nature away from your sight. Of course, there are many ways to have fun with the animation of tourists, nightlife and more. But isn't that exactly what we're running from? Can a great nightlife and different animations be different from each other, compared to the variety of all alternative forms; to compare with the bare nature and cultural heritage? So, in my opinion, with the exception of slightly higher prices in alternative tourism (due to the fact that they usually include much smaller groups), alternative tourism seems to be the better choice.

One of the best hotels in West Yarmouth – Chief Resort

West Yarmouth is located in Massachusetts (USA), the place is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and the wonderful weather it has throughout the year. If you are planning to hit this spot during your next vacation, then here's a little guide to one of the best hotels in the region – Chief Resorts. The hotel building is designed in accordance with the latest architecture. The interior is equally beautiful with soft soft carpets extended, bay windows that reveal the view from the outside, large chandeliers, a reception tile and wooden paneling on the walls. Let's take a look at some of the services offered at this resort.

Accommodation services

Offering different types of accommodation to suit all your needs, the resort makes it easy for you to stay in a room or apartment that meets your requirements in the best way. There are single bedrooms, double bedrooms and suites. Each room is comfortable and designed to meet the latest standards of living. With attached bathrooms, each room even has a balcony for fresh air, access to daylight and beautiful scenes, while facilities such as television, room service and laundry facilities are also available.

Event services

The resort offers event venues. Parties can be organized at indoor or outdoor parties at the golf course. The resort administration takes care of catering and catering, party arrangements and more.

Special services

This hotel offers many special services such as an indoor pool, spa services, table tennis, a golf course and sports lounges.